Our Kindergarten
Our Kindergarten Community

As a parent of Malvern Memorial Kindergarten there are numerous ways you can be involved:

  • Parent Helper / time with the children: Join the groups as a parent helper for 2 hours.  It’s a wonderful way to spend time with your child, getting to know the group and familiarising yourself with routines and teaching staff.
  • Fundraising: We always need people who are willing to take on a role to assist with raising vital funds for the kindergarten that go towards services (such as incursions) and resources for the children. This may be collecting items for a raffle or working as part of a team to organise a function.  Alternatively, families can donate goods and services.
  • Class Representatives (Blue and Red Groups): Our Class Reps for each group are a vital part of building a sense of an inclusive community for our parents.  They organise park catch-ups for both children and families; social events for mums / dads and couples.  They also support fundraising initiatives.
  • Working Bees/Maintenance: Participating in our working bees each term.  This is not only a great opportunity to ‘refresh’ the kindergarten but also to get to know other families across both groups.
  • Committee Roles: Taking on a role on the Committee of Management is also a vital role for parents at the kindergarten.  The expertise of our parent group, alongside our Director, Julie Archer, is vital to the successful running of the kindergarten.
  • Children’s Resources: We are always very grateful to receive donations from parents, these can be as simple as boxes, cylinders, plastic containers, etc for our construction and loose parts trolley.