Our Kindergarten
Our Programs

3 Year-old Kindergarten Program (Blue Group)

Days/ TimesTuesday & Friday (9am - 3pm, Terms 2 to 4)
Transitional/Settling-in Program:Reduced hours (Term 1)
Staff: Stacey Farrell – 3 Year Old Group Teacher

(Bachelor of Education (Honours) in Early Years Education)

(Certificate of Education Support – Integration Aide / Teacher Aide)
Helen Majtlis – Co-educator
(Bachelor qualified – Primary Teaching)
Megan Harrison – Co-educator
(Diploma qualified)

4-Year-old Kindergarten Program (Red Group)

Days/Times:Monday, Wednesday & Thursday(9am -3pm)
Staff:Julie Archer - Director/ 4 Year Old Teacher
(Bachelor of Early Childhood Education & Diploma of Teaching, Early Childhood)
Cara Priestley - Co-educator
(Bachelor – Early Years/Primary Teaching)
Lauren Unger - Co-educator
(Certificate qualified)
Cherie Vickery – Lunch Cover
(Diploma qualified)

For further details see Starting Kindergarten