Starting Kindergarten
Transition to Kindergarten & Settling In

To ensure a smooth a transition into kindergarten, information is provided to families prior to the children starting.  Information includes:

  • Separation tips / coping with separation anxiety;
  • Transition information; and
  • Social and emotional wellbeing.

Prior to your child’s first day at kindergarten, the orientation process (December the year prior), a formal interview (January) and questionnaire, assist us to get to know you and your child better.  This is an opportunity for us to discuss any issues around separation, toileting, particular strengths and challenges, etc. and develop strategies to provide them (and you) with appropriate support.

We are aware that each child will respond differently to their new environment, each other and the teaching staff, and that it takes time and warm connections to make them to feel comfortable, safe and secure.  Our role, as teaching staff, is to provide the children with a warm, nurturing environment where we can steadily build supportive relationships.

Should your child experience any separation issues (small or big), the teaching staff will assist them to settle through distraction, a job, humour or simply reading a story. We will contact you as soon as possible to provide you with feedback.